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I was 16 days overdue and eventually induced. After a traumatic birth, Isabelle was finally born on 26 June 2012 weighing 9lb 3oz. She suffered lack of oxygen, a broken Isabellecollar bone and needed resuscitation, she was placed on life support in NICU. It was extremely hard to understand and comprehend what had happened. She was very sick, we had some difficult discussions with the Doctors and she was suffering from seizures due to the hypoglycaemia. After 2 weeks in NICU it came to light that Isabelle had two very serious conditions, one of which was Hyperinsulinism.


This meant that Isabelle’s pancreas was continuously producing insulin, causing her blood sugars to drop dramatically and dangerously. Finally, she was stable enough to be transferred to Alder Hey Hospital. Where she spent a further 6 months, attached to IV dextrose, having numerous procedures, scans and operations. Eventually Isabelle was able to come home, a day we will never, ever forget. She came home attached to a feeding tube, which fed her 24hours a day. The feeding tube was a lifeline and our ticket home, but came with massive responsibility. We couldn’t afford for anything to go wrong, as that feeding tube would be her lifeline day and night.


It really hit home that we had a baby with serious life threatening conditions. Who depended on a strict medical and feeding regime, who required constant monitoring. It completely turned our lives upside down. We learnt to cope, as time went on Isabelle showed us even more, just how strong willed she is, she lets nothing get in her way and she has taught us so much. We are thankful to the Support Group, because their support has been priceless. Izzy is now a thriving 4 year old. She goes to school full time, she is still on her feed for 20 hours a day and has a 1-1 carer. Although she has faced and still continues to face so many obstacles, she always overcomes them and shows everyone just what she is made of.

We are so proud of her, with everything she has been through, she is strong, brave and determined without even knowing it, courageous without even trying to be. It’s all of those qualities that have got her to where she is today. 

She’s truly amazing and we love our little soldier to the moon and back

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