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Generally most healthy individuals have blood glucose levels between 4-7 mmol/litre.  This is known as Normoglycaemia.  

Most hyperinsulinism specialist centres consider hypoglycaemia as under 3.5mmol/l (63mg/dl).  However this may vary depending on your own child’s circumstances so please follow the care plan given by your medical team.

Some non-specialist centres may tell you that 2.5 mmol/l is normal in children.  However in children with hyperinsulinism ketones are not being produced therefore the alternative fuel for the brain is not available.  Hyperinsulinism children also have a tendency to drop very quickly which is why most centres will advise you to treat any blood glucose levels below 3.5 mmol/l.

In the US and many other countries you may see blood glucose levels in mg/dl.  You can multiply the value in mmol/l by 18 to get the value in mg/dl.  However here is a basic conversion chart.  We have highlighted the blood sugar levels:

  • Green = normal levels
  • Amber = may be giving concern - follow instructions from doctor
  • Red = severe levels - urgent treatment required - follow instructions from doctor
UK, Canada, Australia, China U.S, France, Japan, Israel, India
1 18
2 36
3 54
3.5 63
4 72
5 90
6 108
7 126
8 144
9 162
10 180

Please note that the higher numbers in this table are not appropriate reference for diabetic children or those who may be becoming diabetic after near-total pancreatectomy.  Please contact your clinician if your child is regularly having blood glucose readings above 10mmol/l or you are concerned that they may be becoming diabetic.

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