Proscar is used for treating urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate gland (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

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The Children's Hyperinsulinism Charity and Nurse Dotty Books are delighted to announce we now have a Children's book: 'Chloe the Rabbit has Hyperinsulinism'.


Follow Chloe and find out what it is like to have Hyperinsulinism. Find out about what this means for her day to day; for example blood sugar testing and dealing with hypoglycaemia. Also follow her as she goes to hospital for a controlled fasting test.

A fun rhyming story with bold and colourful pictures. Perfect for any children who have Hyperinsulinism or their parents, siblings and peers.

The book explains in a child friendly way all about Hyperinsulinism, excellent for younger kids, to help them to explain to friends and classmates all about their condition. The book also has information on our Charity and the essential signs and symptoms. This is useful for anyone who looks after children with Hyperinsulinism.

The book is available on Amazon both as paperback and on kindle - please use Amazon Smile so that the Charity gets a donation at no extra cost to you.

We also have copies available direct from the Charity, if you would like to order from us, please pay £5 this includes P&P via our paypal which is

The Big Summer Picnic

Perhaps your own litle people may enjoy some colouring fun themselves?  Click on the picture below to downlaod the picture to print and colour in and share to our social medial pages with the #Bigsummerpicnic

Sandwich for Chloe

The Childrens Hyperinsulinism Charity

The Childrens Hyperinsulinism Charity
Registered Charity Number: 1165562
Company Number CE005407

Contact us

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