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We are a proud member of the Disabled Children’s Partnership – a growing coalition of more than 50 organisations – campaigning for improved health and social care for disabled children, young people and their families in England. 

We know that 43% of the British public don’t know anyone who is disabled and that 97% of parents with a disabled children do not believe the public understands the challenges they face every day.

Our campaign, the Secret Life of Us – developed in close partnership with parents – looks to change this.

It reveals the parts of their lives that most people simply do not see – bringing to life the realities of the challenges disabled children, young people and their families face when living a life many of us take for granted.

By doing this, we hope to open the eyes of the public to the difficulties faced by families on a day-to-day basis, removing the barriers to people being able to relate to the lives of disabled children. 

Through this, we can create greater understanding, affinity and empathy for affected families, because without awareness and understanding, we cannot achieve real change, but with increased awareness and public support we can make a real difference.

Pledge your support for our campaign

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