David as a toddler

David on Left

David was born with no complications and after an easy pregnancy. I passed all my antenatal tests with flying colours. ‘None’ to all the usual questions re family history of illness or unhealthy lifestyle habits. When alarms rang on the maternity ward as my baby had stopped breathing hours after birth, I was  not even sure if that was so unusual, after all babies are bound to be fragile in their first days.  Over the next few days in intensive care we lived on the basis that every day we would go home. My baby was a pink beautiful healthy looking boy. Nothing like the premature babies who seemed to go home after only a couple of days observation. It was only when we were transferred to Great Ormonde Street Hospital by the PALS team that I realised something was seriously wrong.

Everyone remembers history as it affects them. Who else can recall that there was an volcanic explosion in Iceland in 2010? My family can. I was the cause of the delayed flights to Berlin for PET scans, and David’s extended stay at home on various machines which resulted in his hospitalisation with an infection.

Everyone knows that the exceptions proves the rule. We were the only family to get the result of having two focal areas on the pancreas resulting in the need for two separate trips to Berlin.

Everyone can imagine our relief to be ‘one in a million’, and we are that family (TG). David had a partial panctectomy and is now a normal 5 year old. No health complications. Very good at singing and making up shows. A popular child who is capable and well liked, despite reminding classmates he is a miracle when he wants to feel important.

There are many many more stories for HI children with a  which describe a life full of complications, medications and unknowns. For those families all of us who love David will continue to support the HI charity for as long as we are able.

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