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Ellie MayWe all love social media, well lots of people do, some dislike it with a passion.   It certainly has taken the world by storm and it definitely has its place in our lives.   It has also made the world a smaller place which can be a good thing in some cases but quite frightening in others.   

Social media comes in different forms from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the other platforms there are.  

Facebook is one of the largest places to find support groups on the internet.

Having a child with a chronic medical condition can be lonely.   You may be surrounded by friends and family yet they don’t live quite the same life as you do with a child with CHI and with all the best intentions in the world they don’t always get it even if you explain something and that is not disrespecting them, it is just the way it is.   One way to prevent this loneliness is by being with others who have children with CHI.   These days this does not have to be in person and friendships are struck up within these support groups on facebook.  

The support group for families in the UK who have children with CHI has been going for a long time now and has over 400 members.  You can find the group here :

It is a closed group.  For those that do not know what this means, it will only let members of the group see any of the posts by the members.   Non members can find the group and they can see the names of the members but that is it.  The admin are a small group of parents who have been admin for a long time.  If you request to join your profile will be looked at to see if there is any link to having a child with CHI.   If it is not obvious then the admin will send you a message to ask.  This is because there is so much spam on the web we don’t really need people selling us Raybans or Ugg boots when what we really want is some support.   

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