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Lifes major events are both exciting & hard for every family.  Sometimes, lving with a rare disease means they can be harder and more emotionally charged - This is especially the case when we consider starting or transitioning schools.

We recognise it’s a really anxious time for parents as their children start their next chapter; but we also know how important it is for schools to understand their new intake, and how they can best support them, teach them and keep them safe. 

We therefore provide a teacher training booklet - which represents the combined wisdom of our specialist HCPs, educational professionals and the trustees of the charity; brought together into a simple to understand and digest guide for schools.  Click here or on the image below to view the booklet.


TTD Booklet

The booklet is ideal for headteachers, teachers, school nurses, TA's and SENDCO's, arming them with vital knowledge in preparation for the intake of our wonderful children so please encourage your child’s school to read this guide.  The feedback from teachers attending our live events has always been overwhelming and numerous returning schools point to the usefulness and value in this booklet.

The Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity collaborated with the following contributors to ensure we bring this booklet to you with the most up to date information in the care of a child with Congenital Hyperinsulinism. They have been generous in the sharing of their expertise, knowledge and time, and to them we are eternally grateful.

Thank you.


Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool

Red Kite Special Academy, Corby 

Kingsley Special Academy, Kettering 

Special School Nursing Team, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT)

Special Needs Jungle

In respect to the charity and to these contributors, please do not copy, distribute, or reprint, in full or part except without modification and full credit to the Children's Hyperinsulinism Charity and its contributors.

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