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William’s CHI Story

By HI Mum Amanda

Diazoxide, Dasiglucagon and Chlorothazide are medicines I take. My Dasiglucagon is attached by a cannula inserted into my skin. It sits in a pump that I wear around my waist on a belt.

I have my cannula changed every 3 days and the medicine runs into my body constantly. Diazoxide, I take at night as my blood sugars can get dangerously low when I sleep.

The CGM is inserted into my skin so we can see my blood sugars all the time. I don’t show symptoms when I am hypoglycaemic, so this plays a very important part in keeping me safe.

My Hyperinsulinism is genetic. I have 2 genes called ABCC8 from mum and dad and then I copied another from dad called HNF4 ALPHA all these genetics make my Hyperinsulinism very hard to control and keep stable.

My doctors say I am very special.

WIlliams CHI Story