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Amelia’s CHI Story

By CHI Mum Leanne

Due to Amelia’s large gestational birth weight, her blood glucose levels were checked, which led to a diagnosis of Hyperinsulinism (CHI).

Amelia was finally discharged from hospital at 4 months old. Amelia is now 11 years old but CHI has never gotten any easier and Amelia still has severe and dangerous hypoglycaemia despite continuous intervention.

Amelia has daily injections, regular blood sugar monitoring as well as a dexcom and a peg to help manage Amelia’s blood sugars. The peg is used for continuous feeds whilst she sleeps and emergency glucose boluses, then she has regular feeds through the day as her fasting tolerance is very low.

We’d hoped by now we’d see some improvement but despite how hard it gets and despite the unknown Amelia is always smiling!

Amelia's CHI race