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Hey Hypo Huggers!!

My name is Steff and I would like to welcome you to the Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity Podcast Page!!!!

The reason we created Hypohugs was to be a source of communication for all our Hi families. To let you know, that you are not alone in your Hi journey. That there are other families out there that have been through similar situations. Hypohugs gives families a platform to share those stories and pass on knowledge from their own experiences.

We aim to cover the issues that matter to you, which you may encounter on your HI journey such as hospital stays. research trials, travelling, diagnosis time and much more! We also want to hear from the Kids in our community too!do we the grown ups miss out How they deal with their condition , How their friends react to the condition , What challenges After all if it wasn’t for the kids we wouldn’t be here!! We will also provide news and updates from the Charity, as well as sometimes going live from conferences and events.

You can listen to Hypohugs via Spotify , Apple or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Hypohugs is the Charity podcast. The charity is after all…… yours! So please let me know if there is anything you wish an episode of HypoHugs to cover. Keep a lookout on our social media pages for live videos regarding upcoming episodes that require some community input.


The HypoHugs Podcast

If you wish to take part in an episode of Hypohugs or you wish to share your story on any of our topics please drop me an email to and I will get right back to you

Massive HypoHugs to you all

Love Steff – Trustee x

Be on Our Podcast!

We are always looking for people to take part in our podcast with many topics such as traveling with HI and guest speakers please get in touch with our regular podcast host trustee, Steff.

Whether you want to hear about a certain topic or like to join in we would love to hear from you! Please contact Steff directly via email  or fill in the form below.