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Dedicated Fundraising

Any donations received using the references below will be ringfenced solely for the purpose they have been assigned, with regular updates on amounts raised and confirmation of what it has been used for.

Newly Diagnosed Packs

The time of diagnosis can be a particularly vulnerable and overwhelming period in the Hyperinsulinism journey. These packs are our way of letting new HI families know they are not alone! The packs signpost to our Charity, support group and website.

We currently send out packs to the HI Specialist Teams at GOSH, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Alder Hey. As well as to BARTS (Royal London Hospital), Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow, Royal Hospital for Children Edinburgh, Royal Belfast Hospital, Temple Street Hospital Dublin, Children’s Health Ireland Crumlin Hospital, Dublin.  We hope to extend this to more hospitals and particularly the sites involved in the Genomics England newborn screening programme, who are currently screening for Hyperinsulinism.

The packs contain a Charity welcome letter, a letter from a HI family to say hello and share their experiences, toiletries, and Charity leaflets.

These packs cost £8 each.

When donating please use reference ‘NDP’  

Newly Diagnosed Packs from CHI
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Festive Packs

CHI Festive Packs

Being in hospital and away from home, family, friends, and school is particularly hard during the month of December.  

We aim to reach these children and bring them some cheer with our Festive packs. These currently contain a Charity Bear, Water bottle, Chloe the Rabbit book and leaflets.  We would love to make these suitable for all age groups by including a voucher.

By donating to these packs, you will help us to make these packs suitable for all ages and raise some festive cheer.

These packs cost £20 each and will be sent to the above-named hospitals.

When donating please use reference ‘Festive’

School Packs

These family and school packs are designed to provide the information needed to get medical needs met at school.

They cover the legal aspects, school-home relationship, how Hyperinsulinism can impact on learning, plus resources such as Chloe the Rabbit storybook, notebook and pens, lanyard and alert cards.

These packs cost £20 each.

When donating please use reference ‘ School Pack’

Family Resources School Packs


We’re currently working on creating resources to assist our CHI Superheroes in understanding their condition, nurturing their emotional well-being, and providing enjoyable activities during their hospital stay.

Additionally, we’re looking to broaden our support by developing educational materials for families, young adults, healthcare professionals, and educational settings. This will involve updating our website to offer downloadable resources and providing informative packs.

We will also use this to fund alert cards and sunflower cards.

When donating please use reference ‘Resources’

Supporting Research and Advocacy Projects

Families often ask us questions that they would like answers to. As a result, we want to develop a family led research initiative.

Whilst we do not undertake research, we would like to take these questions further and help families to prove and evidence the need for research by undertaking family surveys, interviews and using this to help secure funding and take the research project further.

We will also continue our advocacy and networking looking at ways to improve quality of life, care and support for CHI families and individuals with Hyperinsulinism, including reaching new communities, local professionals, and educational settings.  

When donating use reference ‘R and A’

Fun days & Conferences

Fun Days and Conferences

We love to put these events on for families, but they do require a lot of funding!

We want to provide more events and opportunities to meet up across the UK and Ireland as well as more events for older children and young adults.

When donating use reference ‘FunCon.