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The Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity is committed to empowering children and young adults to be able to self-advocate. We will be producing resources, designed to help them learn more about Hyperinsulinism so they can explain it to others, as well as ways to cope with anxiety, sensory overload and develop skills to help them to manage Hyperinsulinism with confidence.

5 minute Wellbeing Journal: a quick and easy way to help your child develop wellbeing strategies .

Zones of Regulation – a great way to help children manage feelings around hospital appointments and a useful tool in everyday life for children with neurological conditions such as autism or ADHD.

Zones of Regulation 1 pdf – helps your child to recognise feelings and what zone they are in.

Zones of Regulation 2 pdf – helps to give your child of activities and strategies they can use to help them to move into the green zone and feel ok again.

What are the Zones of Regulation?

The Zones of Regulation help children, understand and manage their emotions, sensory needs, and self-regulation skills.  The zones categorise emotions and states of alertness into four colour-coded zones, used alongside our zones of regulation choices, we can help children to understand what they can do to help themselves regulate emotions and communicate to those around them, how they are feeling and what they need to help them:

Blue Zone

This zone represents a low state of alertness. Children in the Blue Zone might feel sad, tired, or sick. They may need to calm and regain energy.

Green Zone

The Green Zone represents an optimal state of alertness. Children in this zone are focused, calm, and ready to engage. They feel happy, content, or relaxed.

Orange Zone

Zone: The Orange Zone represents a heightened state of alertness. Children might feel frustrated, anxious, or excited. They need strategies to help them stay in control of their emotions and be supported by choices to try and make them feel better.

Red Zone

This zone signifies an extremely high state of alertness. Children in the Red Zone are overwhelmed by intense emotions such as anger, fear, or panic. They require immediate support to calm down and to be understood.

Reward Certificate

Chloe the Rabbit just loves rewarding CHI Superheroes!

Download this certificate and make your child feel like a superstar awarding their achievements, courage, hope and inspiration.

For older children and young adults don’t forget our Hyperinsulinism Heroes scheme – we will post out a letter, certificate, and voucher email

More downloadable resources below on breathing exercises, well being activities and ways to say thank you to a CHI SuperSibling – more sibling resources coming soon! Let us know what works for your child and give us ideas for more resources by emailing

Click to download Chloe's certificate
Click to Download Chloe's Certificate

More Wellbeing Resources - click on the image to download