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Preparing for Medical Procedures

Medical Anxiety

Families have reported concerns around how distressing medical procedures can be for children and young people with Hyperinsulinism. Highlighting the following as being particularly challenging:

  1. Medical procedures such as bloods being taken, cannula insertion and surgery.
  2. Medical tests such as EEG’s and ECG’s
  3. Injections, CGM changes, PEG changes.
  4. Hospital admissions – controlled fasts.

For some children with Hyperinsulinism, medical anxiety can have a detrimental impact on their emotional health and wellbeing. It can also impact on the wider family as parents and caregivers try to figure out the best way to support them.

Several Issues have also been identified as being causative to anxiety:

  1. Loss of control – the child feels they have no say in what is happening to them.
  2. Sensory Processing – the child may struggle to tolerate touch, sound, busy environments.
  3. Communication – the child may need support to communicate, and medical professionals may need to adapt their communication style.
  4. Lack of Accommodations and Resources – the child may need extra support/time or resources which are not available.


How can the Charity help?

We are developing a range of resources to support emotional and mental health and wellbeing. In addition, we will provide resources aimed at helping children to have a good understanding of Hyperinsulinism, this will help to build confidence, develop the skill of self-advocacy, and help them to feel in control of their medical care. All of which have been proven to alleviate some of the anxiety they may feel, we will also add hospital passports and communication resources.

Resources to prepare for Medical Procedures

This fantastic animation from Edge Hill University is designed to help children and young people prepare for medical procedures with the bonus of a downloadable comic:

This Edge Hill University animation is designed for health professionals with practical advice about how to communicate with children coming to hospital for procedures. With a fantastic downloadable guide on tips for parents.

What? Why?  Children in Hospital website provides information and videos of a whole range of medical procedures and can be found here:

The Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity resources

To help support communication and help to understand emotions, feelings and develop self advocacy we have a number of children’s resources: 

  1. My Hospital Appointment 
  2. My guide to Hyperinsulinism and Hyperinsulinism poster
  3. Zones of Regulation 
  4. My Wellbeing Journal
  5. Breathing techniques
  6. CamRARE has partnered with the Children’s Hyperinsulinism Charity to provide a Patient Passport

These are all free to download and available on these links:


These Widgit resources on hospital procedures are useful for children who prefer to communicate with visuals:

More resources coming soon!

Help us to help other HI Families by sharing your experiences and tips.  If you have discovered some great resources please share those with us too